Monday, February 16, 2009

Whatcha got cookin'

What did I get up to on Valentine's Day? Cupcake baking!

If the way to a man's heart is indeed through his stomach, then my man's heart is made out of all things cherry. (That made better sense in my head). He LOVES anything cherry-flavored, and these preserves, from a nearby fruit and veggie stand, do not disappoint.

Doesn't that batter look great? I had to remind myself that it contained three raw eggs and wasn't really good for me to eat raw. Boo.

OH YES I DID. I stole this idea from the awesome Jen Lancaster, who stole it from Martha Stewart. Martha probably stole it from somebody else.

I'm pretending to put a spoonful of preserves in my mouth, but it looks like I'm kissing them. I promise I did neither.

It's blurry because it was time to EAT. Mmm, these were yummy. The preserves all ended up on the bottom of the cupcakes, stuck to the papers, so next time I think I'll let them bake a little while before adding the preserves. Still, they're delish! (I don't have a recipe to offer, because any old fool can figure out how to work a Duncan Hines cake mix and Betty Crocker frosting. Ahem.)

Stains approves!

So, what'd you do for your sweetie on the big day?


Lauran Ellis said...

Yum! What a cute idea.. I love all of your pictures, they help tell your story so well. I'm glad you had a nice low key day with your fellas.. I need to update about my day with my guys too. *hugs* L

sarah said...

Oh I think I would have eaten the batter anyway :) Look delicious!