Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Praise Baby

I've been on a bloggy break for a while because my sweet boy was born on November 26 via c-section! We're doing well, and the husband and I are totally in love. I'm not sure what name Baby will go by here on the blog yet, but I'll take suggestions! I'll also post some photos soon of cute baby hands and feet. No face shots! This is the big, bad Interwebs, after all.

Shannon @ Rocks In My Dryer posted a great link for a Praise Baby freebie. All my mommy friends keep telling me to start investing in these CDs and DVDs, and I think this offer might be the place to start. The first 300 bloggers to sign up will receive a free bib and a $5 off coupon for the new Christmas DVD. I can't wait to get it. It looks great! Click the Praise Baby link in my sidebar for more info! :)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Smitty's latest

I heard about Michael W. Smith's new Christmas CD, It's A Wonderful Christmas, from a post in BooMama's blog. I jumped at the chance to get one, because who doesn't love free CDs, and who doesn't love Smitty? (Sometime I should tell the story about having supper at his house.)

Much of our Christmas decorating was already done when the CD arrived Saturday, because our baby boy is coming Monday (tomorrow! gulp!) via C-section and I wanted the house decorated and clean before the big day. But we were still getting some last-minute decorating done yesterday, so we put the CD in and listened.

I really like this! It's different from what you might expect from MWS. I didn't realize so much of it would be instrumental. It's all very well done, and felt totally Christmas-y. I was especially glad to hear a bit of "Once In Royal David's City," which is my ultimate favorite Chrsitmas hymn. I only wish it had been longer! I also really enjoyed the duet with Mandisa, "Christmas Day." That girl can flat out sang. Thank you for the CD, Provident! It's in my Christmas rotation on iTunes and my iPod already!

Here are a few pictures of our decorations! I'll hopefully be up to participating in BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes (see the link in my sidebar) so I'll have more then. Here's a little tease! Enjoy!

My talented husband made this angel ornament several years ago from a photograph he took at a New Orleans Christmas light display. He did some fancy-schmancy stuff to it on the computer and this was the result. I know my explanation of the process is completely thorough. You're welcome.

This glittery gold star is my favorite thing on our tree. It catches the light so beautifully. I think my mom gave it to me. She's given me a big box of special ornaments the past several years.

My mom made this wreath for me several years ago. She's quite crafty. I come by it honestly. :)

Just a little glimpse of the dining room table. I have more to add, but I thought this Santa and snowman were just so chipper together. :)

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I love my kitchen. It gets so bright and cheery, especially in the afternoons. That's when I spend most of my time in there, working on crafty projects or cooking. This afternoon's light was particularly inspiring.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A happy first year.

"They" say the first year of marriage is the hardest, and in our case, "they" were wrong. It's been a great year. We've done it all since November 18, 2006: got married, bought a house, found out a baby's on the way (any day now!). We've done all the stressful things without a big fight. Without a little fight, even. It's been lovely.

Hubband's gift to me was exactly what I wanted: a heart-felt love letter. When I'm 80 years old, looking back, there's nothing material he could give me that could ever mean more than his words. (I'm no fool, though. If he wants to whisk me off to Europe one year, I won't turn it down!)

My gift to him was the beginnings of a scrapbook. I used to scrapbook obsessively but have gotten out of practice in the past couple years. I've got the itch again, big-time, thanks to the start of this project. I did a title page and then a two-page layout of photos from our first year of marriage. My only criteria was that the pictures had to have been taken between November 18, 2006 and November 18, 2007. I included the wedding, the honeymoon, our new house, our church's new sanctuary, and our kiss on new year's eve. I wanted to do more photos, but I reigned it in and kept it to two pages. No matter what else Hubband ever gets for an anniversary gift, he'll always know he can expect the next two pages in the scrapbook. When we're gone, our kids will inherit a book commemorating our entire marriage. It's the gift that keeps giving, and it's a legacy!

We also ate part of the topper of our wedding cake. It held up very well in my parents' freezer for a year! When we were choosing flavors, I asked for a sample of strawberry cake, my favorite. My great-grandmother and grandmother made it for me every year on my birthday, and there's nothing better. When I tasted the sample, I cried. I've had other strawberry cakes through the years, but nothing's ever come close to the ones Mamaw and Mo made. The cake shop came awfully close. I think I scared the shop owner with my tears! I thanked her for taking me straight back to childhood and giving me that taste I missed so much. I need to work up the nerve to try the cake in my own kitchen. I have the original recipe, but I fear it'll never be the same!

Here's the yummy topper. No fondant for us! Just ooey gooey icing. Mmm!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I do love me some Mississippi politics. Especially when it's a Governor's race with results that my parakeet could've called months ago.

Not only did the brat John Arthur Eaves get his tail whooped and handed to him in a styrofoam box by the much-loved incumbent Haley Barbour (58% - 42%), Eaves also didn't ever call Haley and concede the election. Yes, it's just a formality to do so, but it's polite and proper and by not doing it, we call SORE LOSER.

Graphic by my equally-snarky and equally-joyous husband.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall Into Reading 2007

I'm a pretty big reader. I've always got at least one book in my rotation. I've never participated in a reading challenge before, but I'm up for some good fun!

My baby's due December 1, and I know the reading will stop for a while after that. I won't be reading anything at the December 21 deadline, I'm sure! Because I'll lose a few weeks, my list will be a bit modest. My first thought was to put 10 books on this list, but I'll be realistic and leave it at seven (now it's grown to eight!). I can do that. If I go over the eight, I'll just pat myself on the back and take myself to Starbucks (like I need an excuse for that)! So here's my list!

1. Time to Be in Earnest by P.D. James (started before the challenge)
2. The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer
3. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
4. Playing for Pizza by John Grisham (I gave up on this one; too much football!!)
5. On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan
6. Fourth Comings by Megan McCafferty
1. Charmed Thirds by Megan McCafferty (finished 9/27/07)
2. The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards (finished 10/16/07)

If you want to participate, go to Callapidder Days for the info and the Mr. Linky!

EDIT 03/15/08 - Ahahahaha! What was I thinking? A new baby and reading? Riiiight!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The ladies at the girltalk blog have been interviewing Mary Mohler (wife of Al Mohler) this week. To this quote I say, Amen!!

What do you think is one of the greatest needs among mothers today and how would you encourage them?

As I said in the "Motherhood Matters" article that you kindly referenced above, I think moms need to stop apologizing for doing a full time job full time! I am not going to state that all moms must be stay at home moms but for those who are, they must stop feeling inferior for their decision. I am tired of the mentality that is becoming more and more prevalent that says women who stay at home raising their children are wasting themselves even as they serve to drag down the economy. That’s a lie. Women who are home raising their children should do so with gusto and no regrets. No one can love your children like you can. God made you to be their mother and no one else. Learn everything you can about how to be the best mom you can be by God’s grace. Hold your head high when you state that you are a mom—not “just a mom” but a mom full time. Love your job because the days are fleeting. Those precious little ones will be grown up sooner than you think. Motherhood is a high calling now just as it has always been. Those who think otherwise are deceiving themselves.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

pinching pennies

Lately I've been looking for ways to save a few pennies here and there. After all, they do add up. I've been on the hunt recently for autumn placemats and linen napkins that won't clash with the tablecloth I got for the season. I still haven't found anything that I like, but cute things I saw in stores inspired me to try something new.

I really get tired of buying paper napkins at the grocery store. We've got a pretty good stash of paper towels built up, but I get frustrated when a roll runs out quickly and I have to go get a new one. It's a small frustration, I know, but I've been wishing I could make each roll last longer than it does.

Today in Kohl's, I hit paydirt with cloth napkins. They had a big section of clearance dining items, so I spent some time pawing through the racks. I paid anywhere from 28 cents to $1.49 for 11 napkins. I found myself gravitating toward soft, neutral colors in cremes, yellows and greens. Those will work just fine for everyday use, and I can always look for nicer matchy-match ones for specific holidays or seasons when we have family or friends visiting for supper.

I brought them home and sent them through the washer, then folded them all and put them in a spare basket I had collecting dust in the laundry room. I'll set the basket out on the kitchen counter (and keep collecting more napkins!). I think I might add a wicker wastebasket that's in the garage to the cabinet under the sink. When your napkin's dirty, just toss it in its own kitchen hamper. When I see the stash of clean napkins getting low, I'll just wash the dirty ones and we'll be all set. I really only need a few more to have enough to last the two of us nearly two weeks. In no time, these napkins will pay for themselves, in the money they'll save at the store and in the environmental impact of less wasted paper. And hey, it's one less thing I'll have to unload from my grocery shopping!

Saturday, September 1, 2007


It's football time in Mississippi!!!

Ohhh, I love the SEC. It's the only conference that matters, of course. :)


bloggy meme

The fabulous Southern Girl did this little meme and offered it up to any of her friends who wanted to have a go at it, too. I can never resist a good survey, so here we go!

ACCENT: I always thought I had sort of a neutral accent until I heard myself on my radio show in college. Hoo boy, I'm 100% Southern. And quite proud of it. :)

I DON’T DRINK: Egg-nog. Blech.

CHORE I HATE: Taking out the trash. I have a physical aversion to it.

PETS: Oliver, a blue parakeet who's afraid of anything that moves, including people, his own feathers and air; and Dacey, a mackerel tabby who merely lets us live here.

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS: The DVR. I really don't know if I could live without the thing. How else would I be sure never to miss a new episode of The Fashionista Diaries on SoapNet?

PERFUME: Ralph Lauren's Romance and any good-smelling vanilla body spray. Not together, though.

GOLD OR SILVER: Silver, all the way. I only own a couple pieces of gold jewelry, and I rarely wear them. I'm not a fan.

INSOMNIA: With pregnancy, it's a bit more common for me than usual. Most of the time I'm asleep less than 10 minutes after the light goes off.

JOB TITLE: Wife and almost-mama.

MOST ADMIRED TRAIT: Hmm. I really don't know. I asked John and he said he admires my strong convictions about things. His opinion is what matters most to me, so there you go.

KIDS: TBA in November/December! :)

PHOBIA: Somebody breaking into my house while I'm in the shower; spiders; house fires

RELIGION: Christian, specifically Presbyterian (PCA)


TIME I WAKE UP: Most days I can get up whenever I want. I usually get up around 6:30 when John's leaving for work, but if I know my body needs more sleep, I'm up no later than 8:30.

UNUSUAL TALENT/SKILL: I never know how to answer this. I don't stand out in any particular way, really. I'm dull, I guess. :)

VEGETABLE: I love most of them, really. I have zero love for rutabega, though. *shudder*

WORST HABIT: Complete and utter laziness sometimes, which leads to mega procrastination. I think having a kid might whip some of that out of me, though!

X-RAYS: I've had my left knee x-rayed when I fell a few years ago... regular dental stuff... nothing else, I think.

MY FAVORITE MEAL: Lately I've been making carbonara a lot. I do it with hot sausage, diced tomatoes, black olives and mushrooms. Mmm. Of course, it's got to have garlic bread with it, and either ice water or tea.

Monday, August 13, 2007

around the table

Early in our dating relationship, John and I started holding hands during prayer. I’m not sure which one of us first initiated the act, but it’s stuck for so long now that the origins don’t matter. We hold hands whenever we’re sitting or standing next to each other and a prayer is said (Sunday school, church, etc.). We also hold hands when we pray before a meal.

One night, while we were at our favorite Chinese restaurant, I noticed a couple a few tables over. They’d gotten their food and had their heads bowed in prayer. I love seeing couples and families praying in restaurants. Fortunately, that’s not uncommon in Mississippi! I was moved, however, to see that this couple, at least 30 years our senior, held each other’s hands across the table the same way John and I just had. It warmed my heart to think that this couple has possibly been holding hands for meal-time prayers maybe even longer than I’ve been alive. I immediately launched into conversation about how I love seeing that and I love that John and I do that.

And then my brain fast-forwarded to the future. Right now John and I hold hands across a table, because there are just two of us. But what a blessing it will be to have children and can hold hands around the table with them. Praying before a meal to thank the Lord for His blessings of another day together, another meal together, another chance to offer praise together is a joyful thing indeed. But holding hands in a circle of family while praying makes it so much more intimate.

I eagerly await the day we can expand our hand-holding from across the table to a true family circle around the dinner table at each meal. That’s definitely one habit and legacy I want to inspire in our children.