Sunday, August 3, 2008

Help a sister out!

I'm not sure at all who's reading my blog. It might embarrass me to ask for input here and then get zero replies. That'll tell me nobody's reading!

Anyway, early this morning a sweet dog wearing a collar for an invisible fence wandered through our neighborhood. We're pretty sure he was lost. We had a storm last night and the power flickered a few times, so maybe his fence got zapped and he got away. I hope his "parents" find him, because he was a doll! But... he got a little confused and seemed to think our house was his house - which isn't surprising, because there are several houses in our neighborhood with our same design - and he sat at the front door and whimpered, and then started scratching.

Oh, mercy. I knew that door was just going to be scratched all to heck and need to be re-painted. My husband went out through the garage to shoo him away, because each time we opened the front door a crack to tell him to 'git, he stuck his face in the house and tried to come in! Really sweet dog, but I don't think our cat wants another pet. She's still not fully used to the baby. She hasn't yet let us know if we're allowed to keep him, so I don't want to mess up the balance with a big, snuffly dog.

So the door is indeed scratched and needs to be re-painted. I'm fine with that, because the only thing I didn't like about this house when we bought it was the color of the door. I've gotten used to it, but I'm sort of excited about the possibility of a change. Below are a few pictures of the area to give you an idea. I'd really love some input! Help!

The door. Voila. Our brick is red, roof shingles are black, vinyl siding is a dark taupe and garage door/trim are cream. I know I don't want the door and shutters to be black. I'm thinking a forest green. Thoughts? (Oh, and all the planters and plants are not standing up or hanging because of last night's storm. I didn't put them back up before taking photos! We are classy around here!)

And the shutters. I'd like the door and shutters to be the same color, because they're so close together. And yes, we'll fix the dented window screen. We had a tornado in April and a piece of our porch furniture hit it and knocked it out of place.

So tell me what you think about my forest green idea, please! Or let me know if you have a better idea. I'm looking forward to seeing if anybody's reading! I mean. Seeing what you have to say!


Mommy Cracked said...

I think the hunter green would work...or perhaps black? I know, not a very adventurous color!

Laura said...

I'd really need to see a pic of the front of your house. We have black shutters and a black front door, but with the color of our brick being white (we live in an old house), that was just about the only way for us to go. I'm telling you all this simply to say that I like my black shutters and door. Maybe it's still an option for you?

We had some bad weather here last night, also! Some trees were down in our neighborhood. Other than the thunder and lightening, we pretty much slept through it!

odomfamilyfun said...

Hey----so glad to find your blog & that you commented on mine so I could find it :)We had green on our old house and I loved it...if you don't like it, start again---I know, way too much work, but it's just a house and it's what's on the inside that matters!
Good to see you at Wally World the other day :)
ps, i'll send you an email about Bunko tomorrow, off to bed for now.

AR said...

I was thinking something in the green family. good luck on the decision making.

have fun @ bunko. our group starts back later this month. we don't play during the summer. too hectic.