Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sweet boy,

Tomorrow you will be baptized. Your daddy and I will walk to the front of the sanctuary at First Presbyterian Church, and your daddy will place you in the arms of your pastor. He will ask your daddy for your given name, and your daddy will proclaim it, strong and clear and with all the love in his heart. Your pastor will administer the sacrament of baptism to you and will pray over you. He will pray that you will come to know your Savior at a tender, early age, sweet boy. He will pray that you will grow in your faith, that you will study and learn and pray and be eager to serve your King by serving others. He will pray that your mommy and daddy and family and all the members of your church will pray for you and guide you and protect you from this fallen world. And he will pray that the Lord will even now be preparing a godly wife for you, a woman who will love you and watch over you and be your helper and give you children of your own.

Your daddy and I pray all those things for you, too, my love. We love you so much and could not imagine our lives without you. From the moment we knew you were coming to us, we have loved you and prayed for you. With us you will always be safe. In our arms you will always find love. In our home you will always be accepted and cherished. You are the brightest light in our world.

Thank you for being our son. You will never know how much you are loved until you look into the eyes of your own son or daughter for the first time. Then you will understand.

Mama and Daddy


taylor said...

What a sweet letter to your son!

My son, Samuel, was baptized in San Antonio Texas (about 300 miles from where I live now) by the same Pastor that baptized me and my sister and brother. He wore the same dress that I wore when I was baptized. It was also the same dress that my sister, my brother, my mother, and my aunt, and my grandmother, and my great grandmother wore. It was hand made by my great great grandmother. It was very precious, and even though it had a single pink ribbon sewn in on the top of the gown, I had him wear it.

It was an awesome day for us, and I do hope your family had an Awesome day as well!

Blessings always,
Taylor (your new blog friend!)

WorldsGreatestMommy said...

So beautiful and poignant! The prayers of parents for their children are so real and meaningful, surpassed only by the prayers of children for their parents.

Thank you for sharing such a sweet message!